Coco Movie Review & Film Story (2017)

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The hero of coco is a 12 year old boy from Mexico who has Dimple on one cheek. With this cute animations this song will be liked by the children, with songs that can easily be loaded on tongue.

Coco Movie Story-

If you have made up your mind to see coco on the firmaishi of Chunnu-Munnu, then this warning is especially for you. Do not believe that the film is bad, when you hear the word ‘Warning’. Actually this word means you will know at the beginning of the 20th minute of the film show. The fact is that the ‘Pixar Animation Studios’, which produces this film, shows a short film at the beginning of most of its films. It is said that many times these short films are better than the original feature film. But, it is possible that many people do not know this thing. The short film that is being shown before Coco is actually a story written about the characters of the famous series Frozen.

Although this story is boring and even the children also see their parents asking, ‘Papa, we had taken the cocoa and then why is frozen here?’ And ‘Mummy, do we Are you in the wrong Audi? ‘And the poor parents and fathers become lazy, and they keep on paying attention to these questions because most of them do not know what’s going on. Well, in 20 minutes this scene ends and the real movie starts. Coco … and the children complaining once again blindfold their eyes in the screen.

Coco Movie (2017) 3D animation

3D animation film Coco is produced by ‘Pixar Animation Studios’ and has been distributed by Walt Disney Motion Studios. Last year, the movie of Universal Pictures came to music on music, which has received tremendous reactions and also earned great earnings. The roots of the film Coco are also associated with music somewhere. The story and emotional aspect of the film is quite strong and it takes you to a new world.

Hero of Coco is a 12 year old boy who does not have a Dimple on one cheek and not another He gives his introduction to everyone in the same way. This cute boy is a huge singer, but it is very difficult because his family has hate music. Music is hate because its father had rebelled. The family of leave, he had gone to fame. This is an estimate because it is a musical movie. Then the story goes forward that Miguel realizes that the biggest singer in the city and he believes his inspiration is actually his grandfather. In the meantime, something happens that Migel goes into the world of dead people. Now what happens after we go here, we keep it secret.

The story of the film will be very interesting to the children, especially the mystery which is known only a few minutes before its end. This secret is quite shocking and interesting. If the earlier part of the film’s interval was too strong, then it could have been better. Michael Jukino’s music makes Coco more strong as a musical movie. It is also easy that Indian children can sing it easily, especially ‘Poko Loco’ and ‘Remember Me’. The film of the dead people has long been crafted in the film, it seems. Here are the different rules. In fact, the day of special dead people is celebrated as a festival. And the dead people can accept gifts from their families only when they decorate their photos in their home. This photo is verified with the help of a special computer of Duryulok. If photos match with skeletons, then they are allowed to go, or else not.

Not only this, people who do not photograph their photos, who do not remember anyone in the real world, have made their own separate family. They call each other a brother and sister. The main character Miguel and his family live in Mexico, a fictional city of Santa Cicilla, due to which the dialogues of the movie have a tinge of Mexico, which is quite fresh. Frieda Kahlo, the character of the famous film Frieda in the world of the dead, is also in an interesting role.

Animation levels are quite good, although in the direction of 3D technology the film is somewhat weak. Even if you see it in 2D, there will not be any difference. However, the bottom line is that if masala is bored with Bollywood movies and superhero Hollywood movies, then come see Coco with the children. Will be refreshed. And of course, there is no grief even if you are 20 minutes late for this movie.


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